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Hi! I'm Suzi Bee Homemaker.  I am a certified massage therapist with the gift of healing hands. I specialize in nurturing  and pampering my clientele.  I am also a Holistic Medium and I can feel your energy.! Satisfaction guaranteed, I take time and pride in making sure that my clientele feels safe, discreet, and comfortable.  To me, you are royalty! Come let me take care of you!

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March 15, 2018

Suzi Bee is back from vaca! It was an awesome good time!  The glammies are wonderfully spoiled! Now, back to work!

See ya soon! Today we have Kool-Aid on sale for $1 a cup, Wings, fries and salad on the Snack Shop menu! Enjoy your day!


Suzi Bee bzzzzz!‚Äč

Ask what's on the menu at the Snack shop!


We provide dedicated and outstanding services such as: 

Therapeutic , sensual and Holistic massages.

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Snack Shop

We have a snack shop with a M-Sat menu

My special kool-aid and desserts!

Enjoy your day!

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Holistic Health 

Enjoy your Holistic advice from the expert, Suzi Bee. Also, body and facial scrubs! 


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